baby j (zerogurl) wrote,
baby j


I know i rarely write in this journal anymore.. and to be honest, i am not really sure if anyone is going to read this..

i got a new email address.. so if you need it, leave me a comment and i'll send it your way..

also.. i got a new life.. or i am getting one i should say.. in two weeks i will be moving to long beach, california to start the next chapter in my life.. i'm finally leaving south florida.. the shitty people, the shitty memories, and the disgusting weather..

i am happier than i can remember being ever and i cannot wait to get to long beach! i've got an amazing man making the journey with me.. we are driving across the country together.. if we can make it through that, i am sure we can make it through anything haha..

i look the same these days.. just older and more tattooed i suppose.. i'll post a picture just in case you missed me a lot..

i hope all my friends are doing well and i really miss shani rodriguez.. and i don't believe in LJ CUT.. sorry.





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