baby j (zerogurl) wrote,
baby j

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please help!

shoes clothing accessories and MORE!!

shipping prices are listed in item description..

i have less than one month to get to my new job in sunny florida...

please help, repost if you have to, or tell a friend..most stuff will be added daily..consider it my moving sale!!!
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dude- i'm so dead serious! i want your junk! For me and to help you out! But I don't see anything on ebay. if there's stuff you want to get rid of let me know! i like skirts and dresses and tops! ready go! hehe good luck dahlin'!
whatcha want baby girl.. i have some like delias and wet seal stuff thats real cute that i am selling.. i dont have dresses really..OOOH i do have this one morbid threads rockabilly lightgreen and white plaid of the older styles..its real fucking cute..i love it.. what size shoe you wear??? i have some skirts but really not too many..i have a knee length dickies skirt.. also i am took pictures of a ton more things to sell... gimme some ideas of what you want and i'll see what i can find
that dress def sounds cool. And I love stuff from delias. I wear a 5 in bottoms and a small or medium in tops! shoes is like a 9 or 9 1/2. I'll keep looking at your ebay stuff and if you have pictures of anything else lemme know.
ok i def have cute delias tops in small and medium..i will take pictures of those for you tomorrow i am off all day.. the tops are wayyyyyy fucking cute..i have a few, and i will take a picture of the dress too its super hot..i love it..very cute rockabilly picnic type dress.. i am listing all of the stuff on ebay though...i hope you wont be mad...just cause i need to get the most i possibly can out of it
nah babe that's awesome! I'm looking forward to it! <3
damn i wish i wasn't such an amazon.
ooooh shush <3
Hi, I´ve been searching for the My Ruin shirt with "Please forgive me for not being pretty" for the past few YEARS! )I didn´t buy it when I saw it, and could never get it again. I finally just typed it in on yahoo since it wasn´t on ebay again. Do you still have it or did you already sell it? PLEASE let me know!

awwww i already sold it i am sorry