baby j (zerogurl) wrote,
baby j


BUY THIS STUFF..tell all your friends....

i gotta move and i can't take it all with me...

Lord of the Rings action figures

and more!!!

spread the word....please i need this
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Hey lady! I want that My Chemical Romance shirt. That shiz is hot! mm hmm! My ID on Ebay is Roguex13. Just to let ya know! Woot!

need anything else bought up?

hehe good luck ma'am!

oooh i hope you get it hahaha forealzzzz

i am selling so much shit girl haha some belts and purses and shit you might like... belt buckles too lots of shit i bought at the old ht... haha but yeah that my chem shirt is way hot but i just dont wear it enough
well def hook me up! I got paid today so I'll see what I can do... :)
tell me how much you wanna pay for it boo and what else you might want and i will take it down off ebay and sell it to you outright
Oh me oh my! I'd do 5-10 bucks for the my chem shirt! (that's up to you) And I need some buckles and purses!
just a guess, but i'm thinking that shirt would fetch a lot more than that on ebay.
yeah it probably will.. <3
well it will probably go for more than that...its brand new and in great condition..i'd totally give it to you for that but i know it will sell for more :(
well i'll keep bidding then!