baby j (zerogurl) wrote,
baby j


i guess that me and one of my very favorite people ever are no longer speaking..this makes me really terribly sad.. all i wanted was respect concerning someone that means a lot to me..and apparently that was too much to ask for...this person (the one things are a mess with) was totally amazing to me and did more for me than most of the people i know.. thats why it makes this especially hard.. i really care about this person, even still..and i am sad to see them leave my life.. honestly deep down i hope they arent leaving my life entirely because that would be one of the worst things that could happen..i just need to know that the respect i give toward the way that person lives their life can be reciprocated toward the way i live and the company i keep..

i haven't ever in my life met someone who cared so deeply about where i was going with my life and how i was going about getting there.. i need someone like that in my life.. there are a lot of differences between the two of us but i am pretty sure that we needed each other.. just to balance things and make things right..

i did not want things to end over the phone or computer even thats how it happened..i would have liked us to have had the opportunity to see each other one last time before ending everything.. that would have been for the best i am certain..unfortunately things dont always happen the way you want them to..

i am hoping that things will cool down enough soon that we can talk again.. i really want to see this person one last time before we end up never speaking again.. which again i say, i dont want this person out of my life entirely but thats not really up to me at this point..

if you respect me, i will in turn respect you..thats what relationships are about.. trust and respect..

i hope that he reads this..and maybe can understand a little more where i am coming from..i hope he realizes that i do in fact love him.. those are strong words and i might regret saying them but at this point i do not.. he's been there for me and done more for me than any other person i can think of right now.. tcb <3
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