baby j (zerogurl) wrote,
baby j

for tanya and anyone else that cares..

so life in florida is.. well.. its florida.. the people are old, rude and way too tan.. i don't fit in here.. i'm counting the days until i find the place i will be happiest..

i've been working nonstop.. between mac and doing makeup at the strip club.. trying to stay afloat and still manage to have some kind of life..

i am finally doing things for myself these days.. over the past years i have spent a good deal of time and money making (or attempting to make) other people happy.. and finally, its my turn.. i don't have a dumb boyfriend to spend all my money on.. so now i'm buying stuff for me..

currently i'm trying to find an old dyno bmx bike that i can sink some money into.. i've got some friends here that will help me fix it up, and will ride with me once its all set up.. craigslist has proven unsuccessful up to this point.. so if you are in the area and know of anyone trying to get rid of one, please let me know!

recently i got to spend time with some good friends of mine from asheville, nc.. they make me miss the south.. the REAL south.. not florida south.. these boys are hands down some of the sweetest, most handsome and funniest boys i've ever known.. i'd give anything to see their faces everyday..

i have two terrible cats.. well one is only mildly terrible.. her name is lucyfur.. vladimir, however.. is a fucking demon.. he breaks more things than i ever thought a cat could break.. including some of my dishes, part of my laptop keyboard.. and he definitely ate a brand new pair of stilettos... weird huh?

got tattooed for jimmy's 30th birthday.. or what would have been.. i love that kid so much. he is never far from my heart.. i keep him with me everyday..

anyway.. i dont believe in lj cuts.. so... sorry for you.. but whatever.. enjoy some pictures or something!








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