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she's alive...

Well... 115 weeks later...

I was reminded earlier tonight, during a crucial cuddling session, that I even still had this...

The drive from orlando to ft. Lauderdale is long.. So I may as well update this thing...

I've spent the past 12 days on the best vacation of my life.. Jacksonville, orlando, raleigh, richmond... secret lives, earth crisis, bury your dead, emmure, the warriors... cheryl, bubba, brien, the orlando crew, danny lauren alanna and babycakes, myke amir and bubble, mr chris and garrett, julie my princess, thomas and myra, all my new friends... lots of vegan food.. I'm sure I've put on a few pounds... some serious naptime cuddling.. Lots and lots of pictures!!

I seriously love my life...

Work tomorrow... :( the flo tonight :)

I miss orlando already.

Baby j
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